dbc Configuration

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Configuration: DB Server "dbc" File

This document describes how to configure dbc files.

What is a DBC file? - A dbc file is a DBAmon configuration file that YOU (the DBAmon user) create which describes how DBAmon should monitor ONE DB instance.

All DBC files must reside in the directory /opt/dbamon/adm/instances for DBAmon Production Mode or in the directory /opt/dbamon/adm/instances_test for DBAmon Test Mode. A DBC file can have any name, but it must end with the suffix "dbc". For example, a valid DBC file name might be: /opt/dbamon/adm/instances/myserver1_instance1.dbc .

A DBC file contains Common Parameters and Parameters that are unique to what you are monitoring (Oracle,Informix,...):

Example dbc File

File Name: /opt/dbamon/adm/instances/dbservr1-SAP-PMP.dbc

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# System: dbservr1 / SAP-PMP
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
Host:             dbservr1
Title1:           SAP-PMP
Title1_URL:       /dba/appls/sap_AIT.html
Title2:           Mfg.
Userid:           orapmp
DBMS:             Oracle
ORACLE_HOME:      /oracle/PMP
T_Disk_Full:      90/95
T_Extents:        80 
Must_Be_Up:       Y
Backup_Age:       32
Backup_Command:   /usr/local/dba/tools/ora_backup {SID} LVL1 >> /opt/oracle/adm/cronlog/ora_backup_{SID}_DBAmon.log 2>&1
Pager_EMail:      pageora@catdog
Notify_List:      2


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