dbc Configuration - Oracle Apps Parameters

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Oracle Apps Parameters
Parameter Description Example Value Default Value
ORACLE_HOME: The same value that you would set this environment variable to. Note: if you set this to *, then DBAmon will read the ORACLE_HOME value from your properly formatted /etc/oratab file. /opt/oracle/product/8.1.6 (None)
ORACLE_SID: The same value that you would set this environment variable to. DBA5 (None)
Userid: The userid that the Oracle DB is running under. oracle (None)
OraApps_Userid: The userid that this OracleApps instance is running under. oraaps (None)
OraApps_Minproc_Apache: The minimum threshol number of Apache processes that may be running for this OracleApps instance. If fewer than this number are running, a critical event will occur. 7 (None)
OraApps_COMN_Dir: The COMN directory for this OracleApps instance. This is usually identified by the XXXXCOMN environment variable where XXXX is the instance name. VIW1 (None)
OraApps_Forms_ORAHOME:: The forms functionality of Oracle usually has a different ORACLE_HOME than the ORACLE_HOME that the database is running from. Specify it here. /opt/oracle/product/8.0.6 (None)
OraApps_FS_Check: This parameter provides the capability of checking certain filesystems for being full. This parameter requires 3 values, separated by '/', the Environment variable (as set by the ~/.profile. script which sets env. vars. Note: This parameter may be specifed multiple time to perform multiple checks (see example below). APPL_TOP/90/95 (None)

Example Complete DBC File for OracleApps:

# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# System: rover / SND1
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
Host:             rover
Title1:           SND1
Title1_URL:       /dba/appls/rover_snd1.html
Title2:           K2
Title3:           CSI#340982
ID2:              ERP
Userid:           oravis
DBMS:             OracleApps
Monitor:          Y
Must_Be_Up:       N
Notify_List:      42
OraApps_Userid:          applvis
OraApps_Minproc_Apache:  7
OraApps_COMN_Dir:        /opt/app03/vis1comn
OraApps_Forms_ORAHOME:   /opt/app01/snd1ora/8.0.6
OraApps_FS_Check:        APPLCSF/90/95
OraApps_FS_Check:        APPL_TOP/90/95
Pager_EMail:             pageerp@spot

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