Inhibiting DBAmon MSSQL Replication Age Checking

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What Does It Mean To Inhibit Monitoring?

To inhibit monitoring means to pre-schedule a time during which DBAmon should NOT monitor... something (in this case MSSQL Replication Age).

How to Configure:

  1. Inhibit DBAmon MSSQL Replication Age Checking - By SUBSCRIPTION NUMBER and DAY OF MONTH:

    This is the HELP TEXT for this file:
    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Usage:
    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # This inhibit file is used to prevent checking MSSQL Replication "Age"
    # for certain subscriptions on certain days of the month.
    # For example, if you wish to inhibit Replication Age Checking for subscription
    # number 12345 on the 20th of every month, you would code 1 line that looks
    # like (without the leading pound sign):
    # 20/12345
    # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Edit the file: /opt/dbamon/adm/inhibit/MSSQL_Repl_DOM.txt and place this help text into the file (and any valid entries that you wish to create). DBAmon will check this file for each MSSQL Subscription and the current Day of Month. If a match is found, then this subscription's age will not count against the MSSQL Replication MAX AGE.

This Document: http://dbamon.com/config/inhibit_mssql_repl_age.shtml