DBMS Software Oversight

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When managing a complex environment where you are running many different versions of DBMS software, it is important to keep the DBMS software at supportable, and reliable fix levels. The DBMS Software Oversight feature of DBAmon allows you to specify "Know Good" versions of each version family for a product and DBAmon will inform you of any instances which need to be upgraded.

Be default, the DBMS Software Oversight configuration table is empty, so no oversight will occur. To configure DBMS Software Oversight, select the "Configure DBMS Software Oversight Data" option. You will see a screen with placeholders and the prompts:

For example, if you know that Oracle is a "Good" version of Oracle and all 8.1.7 versions below have bugs that will affect you, you would code:

DBMS: Oracle-UX
Software Version Family: 8.1.7
Minimum "Good Version" For This Family:

Then, DBAmon will flag any 8.1.7 version with a revision level less than ( for example) in exception status. When an instance is in exception status, it will receive a USER-Severity (green) DBA652 event.

This Document: http://dbamon.com/config/swver.shtml