Upgrading DBAmon (Cygwin)

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If you have any problems with this process, please Request Support. Your feedback makes DBAmon a better product.

Follow these steps to Upgrade DBAmon to the most recent version of DBAmon.

  1. Download Latest Version -

    First, go to /tmp in Cygwin on the DBAmon MASTER and erase all .tgz files. Run rm *.tgz

    Go to this URL: http://dbamon.com/data/

    You will see the versions of DBAmon listed with the format DBAmon_(Version)_(Date). Click on the highest version that you see listed here. This will vary depending on which browser you're using, but you want to save the TGZ file as a TGZ file.

    Now copy this TGZ file over to the CYGWIN /tmp directory on the DBAmon MASTER server. If you're doing that via Windows, then you'll have to copy the file to C:\cygwin\tmp

  2. Explode New Version -

    Within Cygwin, run these commands:

    cd /opt/dbamon
    rm *.tar
    mv /tmp/dbamon*.tgz .
    gunzip *.tgz  
    tar -xvf *.tar

    You have now successfully replaced that DBAmon software with that of the new version. You configuration files under /opt/dbamon/adm are unchanged.

  3. Recopy CGI Scripgs -

    The last step that remains is to recopy the CGI scripts to YOUR APACHE2 CGI directory.

    Run: dbamon_upgrade

    ... and follow the prompts. You will have to answer srv or var for the top level of the cgi-bin directory and then you'll have to hit ENTER to confirm the directory that they will be copied to.

  4. Restart DBAmon -

    You're basically done. Now just run: dbamon_stop

    ... to restart DBAmon. Assuming that you have dbamon_checker correctly setup in cron, the next time it runs it will see that DBAmon is not running and it will restart it.

This Document: http://dbamon.com/installation/upgrading.shtml