DBAmon Monitoring of SSRS

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SSRS Monitoring

The context for this document is SSRS 2012.

DBAmon monitors SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Server) as follows:

  1. SSRS Performance Counters

    SSRS provides Windows Performance Counters to provide performance information about an instance of SSRS. DBAmon collects data from these counters and instantiates the readings as DBAmon PERF_SSRS_* Performance Metrics. Here is a good MS WWW page describing SSRS Performance Counters. As with all DBAmon Performance Metrics, you can set thresholds with which will you will be notified of exceptions.
    SSRS Windows Performance Counter DBAmon Performance Metrics
    \ReportServer:Service\Memory Pressure StatePERF_SSRS_Mem_Pressure_State
    \ReportServer:Service\Memory Shrink AmountPERF_SSRS_Mem_Shrink_Bytes
    \ReportServer:Service\Tasks QueuedPERF_SSRS_Tasks_Queued
    \ReportServer:Service\Active ConnectionsPERF_SSRS_Active_Connections
    \ReportServer:Service\Bytes Received/SecPERF_SSRS_Bytes_Rcvd_PS
    \ReportServer:Service\Bytes Sent/SecPERF_SSRS_Bytes_Sent_PS
    \ReportServer:Service\Errors TotalPERF_SSRS_Errors_Tot
    \ReportServer:Service\Requests ExecutingPERF_SSRS_Reqs_Executing
    \ReportServer:Service\Requests Not AuthorizedPERF_SSRS_Reqs_AuthFail
    \ReportServer:Service\Requests TotalPERF_SSRS_Reqs_Total
    \ReportServer:Service\Requests RejectedPERF_SSRS_Reqs_Rejected_503

    Note that DBAmon takes a sample of each of these counters on every DBAmon iteration, and thus there are snapshots of points in time.

    Two metrics that appear to be particuarly interesting are PERF_SSRS_Mem_Pressure_State and PERF_SSRS_Tasks_Queued. If PERF_SSRS_MEM_Pressure_State is > 0, then this SSRS instance is under memory pressure (see the above URL for details). If PERF_SSRS_Tasks_Queued is > 0, then tasks are queued.

  2. SSRS ExecutionLog2 View

    SSRS also provides a view called ExecutionLog2 which is a log of SSRS requests. Here is a good Description of ExecutionLog2. DBAmon collects the 20 most recent rows from this view on every iteration and saves this in the WWW "Drilldown" data. It is not saved historically.

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