DBAmon Monitoring for Sesame Relational Junction (RJ) With Salesforce

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Sesame Relation Junction (RJ) is a tool which can replicate Salesforce data in the cloud to a local MSSQL (in this case) database. DBAmon monitors this replication process to ensure that RJ download jobs are running, and are running successfully.

DBAmon RJ Metrics

  1. Hours Since Last Load for 3 Key Salesforce Tables

    This query is run:
    SELECT object_name,
    datediff(mi, max(run_complete_date), getdate()) Mins_Since_Last_Update
    FROM [$dbname].[dbo].[RJ_HISTORY]
    where object_name in ('LOGINHISTORY', 'LEAD', 'ACCOUNT')
    and run_status = 'completed'
    group by object_name
    order by 3 
    The 3rd value returned is instantiated as DBAmon Performance Metric: SQL_RJ_Max_Hrs_Since_Load .

  2. Hours Since Max Login Value From Salesforce

    This query is run in order to extract a timestamp value from a Salesforce table which is replicated to this local MSSQL database:
    SELECT datediff(mi, max(logintime), sysutcdatetime()) from 
    This value (after being converted to Hours) is instantiated as DBAmon Performance Metric: SQL_RJ_Max_Login_Age_Hrs . Note that the actual RJ session itself causes the creation of new row(s) in this Salesforce table, so the presence of a recent row in this table is a good way to measure whether data is actually being replicated to this local MSSQL database.

  3. RJ "Rate" Metrics

    This query is run:
    sum(records_added_etl + records_updated_etl) as rows_changed,
    sum(api_count) sum_api_count,
    count(distinct object_name) as tables,
    sum(errors) sum_errors
    from $dbname..rj_history
    where run_status = 'completed'
    and RUN_COMPLETE_DATE > dateadd(mi, -60, getdate()) 
    These 4 values are instantiated as DBAmon Performance Metrics:


DBAmon looks for, in every monitored MSSQL instance, a database whose name begins with RJ. It then looks for the tables RJ_HISTORY and RJ4SF_ERROR. If these tables exist, then DBAmon performs the checking described above.
Relational Junction © is a registered trademark of Sesame Software in the United States and/or other countries.
Salesforce © is a registered trademark of Salesforce Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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