dbc Configuration - Informix Parameters

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Informix Parameters
Parameter Description Example Value
The INFORMIXDIR value from your environment.
The onconfig filename in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory (V6+ only). onconfig.hachi.j01
The $INFORMIXSERVER value (V6+ only). hachij01shm
The fully qualified name (beginning with /) of the $INFORMIXSQLHOSTS file (V6+ only). /informix/SW2/etc/sqlhosts.soc
Config: (Obsolete) (V5) The value that you # would use for the TBCONFIG/ONCONFIG environment variable.

NOTE:The Config: parameter is now replaced by

Config: will continue to work, but newer monitoring functions such as backup aging require SQL_Hosts:.

Informix_Version: 5 or 6 (Default=7). This parameter is used to decide whether to issue tb* commands (v5) or on* commands (>=v6*).

Note: For Version 5, you must create a link called onstat to tbstat in $INFORMIXDIR/bin. For example:

    cd $INFORMIXDIR/bin
    ln tbstat onstat 
The following monitors WILL NOT WORK with Informix version 5:
  • DBSpace Checking
  • Lock Detail
Only specify this parameter for Informix version 5. The default will work for all other Informix versions.
T_Disk_Full: -or-
Disk Full Threshold - Format Warning_Threshold_%/Critical_Threshold_% 90/95
T_DBSpace_Free -or-
(MB) This parm serves as an override to the T_Disk_Full dbspace critical thresholds. A dbspace will be critical if it is > T_Disk_Full % full -AND- the amount of freespace is less than T_DBSpace_Free. This is handy for very large DBSpaces where at 98% full may still have 10GB of free space. 500
T_Log_Full: ww/cc The warning (ww) and critical (cc) thresholds when checking the the filesystem where the archive logs are placed. If you do not want this check to occur, specify N. The default if this parm is not coded is 60/70. 80/85
T_Read_Hit: Warning threshold for bad read hit ratio events T_Write_Hit: Warning threshold for bad write hit ratio events 95
T_Long_Tx: The HWMPct threshold at which a User Event will occur. See Long Transaction Detection for more info. 50
Backup_Age: (Optional) The maximum tolerable age of the most recent database backup in hours. NOTE: If this is specified, and your system is V6+ and uses a non-default INFORMIXSQLHOST file, you must specify the SQL_Hosts: parm (see above). This check works for ontape or onarchive backups (it reads the values from the reserved pages). 32
Backup_Command: (Optional) If specified, when a backup age critical event would occur, the command that you specify here will instead be run under "at now". If the following DBAmon iteration still finds the backup age exceeded and there is not a backup running, then a critical event will occur.
/usr/local/sap/tools/db_ontape -e tm1 -t pirtm1l0 -l 0 >> /var/opt/cts/sap/log/db_ontape_tm1_DBAmon.log 2>&1
/usr/local/sap/tools/db_ontape -e nosap -t mertesl0 -l 0 -p \"/usr/local/sap/tools/dbenv test\" >> /var/opt/cts/sap/
log/db_ontape_tes_DBAmon.log 2>&1
L0_Age: (Optional) The maximum tolerable number of days since the most recent successful LEVEL=0 backup. The default value if no value is specified is 30. 15
Max_Extents: (Optional) The maximum tolerable number of extents per table. Only works with V6+. 120
Mem_Window: (Optional) The UX memory window where this instance resides. 2

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