What DBAmon Monitors

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What DBAmon Monitors: Informix/UX

Category Event What
Backup 1. Database Backup Age
  • The number of hours since the last successful backup is measured. If the DBC-specified Backup_Age: number of hours is exceeded, then a Backup Age Event occurs.
  • (AutoFix: Too much elapsed time since last successful DB backup)
  • If specified, the DBC-specified Backup_Command: Is Invoked .
    Availability 2. Instance Running
  • Server must be network reachable
  • Instance must be On-Line or Read-Only
  • Availability 3. DBSpace Full
  • From DBC-Specified DBSpace Full Thresholds DBSpaces are monitored. Warning and Critical events will results from exceptions.
  • Availability 4. Offline Chunks
  • If any Chunks are offline, a critical event will occur.
  • Availability 5. Chunk Offset
  • If any Chunk has an offset > 2G, a critical event will occur.
  • Availability 6. Log Messages
  • The message log is scanned for strings:
    • Critical Event: Full, Error, Fail, Consistency, Check, failed, PANIC
    • Warning Event: dynamically allocated new shared memory segment
  • Availability 7. Logical Logs
  • If >= 50% of the Logical Log files are full, an critical event will occur.
  • Availability 8. Lock Usage
  • If the number of locks used is > 80% of configured locks, an event will occur.
  • Availability 9. Long Transactions
  • See: DBAmon Long Transaction Detection .
  • Availability 10. UX File Descriptors
  • If the current number of UX file descriptors is close to the kernel configured value, this event will occur.
  • Availability 11. INFORMIXDIR Filesystem
  • If the INFORMIXDIR filesystem reaches at least 99% full, a critical event will occur.
  • Availability 12. Object Size Limit
  • If the size of any objects reaches 25G an event will occur.
  • DRP 13. Configuration Save
  • To rebuild an instance after a server crash (or ???) it would useful to have a copy of the onconfig file, onstat -a and onstat -d output.
  • A copy of this information is automatically saved in /opt/dbamon/dat/config_save/ for each instance.
  • DRP 14. HDR Active
  • If an HDR secondary DB does not have HDR running, a Critical Event will occur.
  • Management 15. DBMS Software Oversight
  • If DBMS Software Oversight has been configured (via the DBAmon Console) then the Informix version is compared to the "Minimum Good Version" for this version family. If it is less then an event occurs.
  • Management 16. Duplicate ONCONFIG Parameters
  • If any ONCONFIG parameter is specifed more than once, a critical event will occur.
  • Performance 17. Buffer Hit Ratio
  • The Read and Write hit ratios are measured against DBC-Specified Thresholds. If the Since-Instance-Started values are less then these thresholds, an event will result.
  • Performance 18. Table Extents
  • If a table is found with at least 200 extents, a critical event will occur.
  • Performance 19. Virtual Segments
  • Having a large number of Virtual Memory Segments can cause poor performance.
  • If the number of segments is >= 4 a Warning Event will occur.
  • If the number of segments is >= 10 a Critical Event will occur.
  • Performance 20. Cleaners
  • Having too few ONCONFIG CLEANERS can cause performance problems. If the number of cleaners is < 75% the number of disks, then an event will occur.
  • Performance 21. Checkpoint Duration
  • Long checkpoints can be an indicator of other problems. If the average checkpoint duration is > 120 seconds, an event will occur.
  • Performance 22. Table Extents
  • If any tables have >= 200 extents, an event will occur.
  • Performance 23. AIO VPs
  • In an attempt to help you tune the correct number of AIO VP's, DBAmon runs onstat -g iov to see how many I/O's have been issued by the most and least busy AIO VP. If the most busy is >= 40 times busier than the least busy, then more AIO VP's should be configured. The resulting event contains a recommended number of NUMAIOVPs.
  • Performance 24. KAIO AIO VPs
  • IF KAIO is on and more than 2 AIO VPs are configured, an event will occur. This is bad for performance.

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